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This summary includes perspectives of decision makers and influential community leaders across four provinces in Viet Nam.
A set of briefs summarizes the lessons in advocacy and policy dialogue in the first years of Alive & Thrive.
This report describes activities implemented to prepare for a communication campaign that addressed barriers to adopting optimal IYCF practices in Ethiopia.
This brief addresses the breastfeeding support needs of healthy, full-term babies born via cesarean delivery to healthy mothers.
This report summarizes the Alive & Thrive Small Grants process and highlights key findings from 12 grants implemented in 10 countries.
Opinion leader research on nutrition in Ethiopia: Questionnaire, presentation, and full report on the views of opinion leaders on infant and young child feeding
This e-magazine tells the story of how Alive & Thrive integrated a national mass media campaign into its comprehensive program to improve infant and young child feeding in Viet Nam.
The paper presents the rationale for performance-based cash incentives.
Slide show presents findings of a media and communication audit in Viet Nam in 2009 to identify advertising and marketing trends, spends, and messages related to infant and young child feeding.
Friday, January 31, 2014
This program summary describes how Alive & Thrive mobilizes the community to support good feeding practices in Bangladesh.