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Friday, August 1, 2014
Lesorogol C, Jean-Louis S, Green J, Iannotti L. Preventative lipid-based nutrient supplements (LNS) and young child feeding practices: findings from qualitative research in Haiti. Maternal and Child Nutrition 2014 May 1 doi:10.1111/mcn.12122.
Friday, August 1, 2014
Flax VL, et al. Integrating group coinseling, cell phone messaging, and participant-generated songs and dramas into a microcredit program increases Nigerian women’s adherence to international breastfeeding recommendations. Journal of Nutrition 2014 May 8, doi:10.3945/jn.113.190124
Friday, August 1, 2014
Nizame FA, Unicomb L, Sanghvi T, Roy S, Nuruzzaman M, Ghosh PK, Winch PJ, Luby SP. Handwashing before food preparation and child feeding: a missed opportunity for hygiene promotion. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2013 Dec: 89(6): 1179-85.
This toolkit catalogues and provides electronic links to resources developed in Viet Nam to improve the quality of counseling on IYCF through support groups.
This catalogue is to provides implementers all over Bangladesh a convenient reference and guide for selecting appropriate IYCF materials for their communication activities.
A&T framework and approaches for delivering nutrition results at scale.
This overview document describes the IYCF support group model, how it was established, and the tools used in its implementation.
Community mobilization resources: Overview, posters, discussion guides, Q&A, training guide, and father's card.
This e-magazine describes how to combine scale, quality and interpersonal communication to reach millions of mothers with face-to-face communication and support for infant and young child feeding.
This document summarizes a smart and strong family approach for engaging families and communities to support improved feeding practices.