Advocacy to increase investment in maternal nutrition reaches high-level stakeholders and journalists in Ethiopia

The president of Ethiopia delivered a keynote address at one of several safe motherhood events across Ethiopia where A&T promoted maternal nutrition and advocated to high-level decision makers on the significant benefits of investing in nutrition.

Sahlework Zewdie, president of Ethiopia
President Sahlework Zewdie of Ethiopia delivered a keynote address at a high-level advocacy workshop organized by Alive & Thrive in February.

The events included a workshop for journalists that led to radio, TV and newspaper reports on the importance of maternal nutrition. The first event, a national commemoration, featured Sahlework Zewdie, president of Ethiopia, whose remarks focused on good nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.

At a separate event, Abdiwahab Mohamed, deputy head of the Somali Regional Health Bureau, recognized maternal nutrition as one of the key interventions to ensure safe motherhood. At an event organized by the Amhara Regional Health Bureau, which involved program managers, facility manager and maternal and childcare providers, participants focused on safe motherhood issues.

The media workshop involved the participation of 30 reporters and editors from a range of private media outlets and focused on the importance of maternal nutrition. Following the workshop, radio reporters produced three programs and A&T technical specialists provided information and insights as guests on national TV programs. The Ethiopian Herald, a popular national newspaper, also featured an article, Nutrition intervention for mothers’ safety.