Alive & Thrive-supported research features at Nutrition 2021

Jun 08 2021

Nutrition 2021, the annual conference of the American Society of Nutrition, will feature a variety of Alive & Thrive-supported research as the conference goes entirely online June 7-10. Oral and poster presentations will be available beginning June 7 on demand; registration is required to view the complete presentations.

An oral presentation will report results of a complementary feeding initiative in northern Nigeria, while four poster presentations will focus on the impacts of COVID-19 on nutrition-related issues in Bangladesh and India. Four other poster presentations will share results of interventions in Nigeria and Ethiopia. 

Here is a complete list of the presentations:

Determinants of child growth and nutrition: Nigeria

nigeria research
Research conducted in Nigeria will be featured at Nutrition2021.

A complementary feeding intervention for fathers and mothers in Northern Nigeria improves children’s minimum meal frequency and consumption of eggs and fish
Oral OR07-02-21
Valerie L. Flax, RTI International

COVID-19 & nutrition: Bangladesh and India

Provision and utilization of health and nutrition service delivery during COVID-19 pandemic in urban Bangladesh
Poster P15-064-21 
Celeste Sununtnasuk, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

The impact of COVID-19 on household food insecurity and interlinkages with child feeding practices and coping strategies in Uttar Pradesh, India
Poster P05-024-21 
Shivani Kachwaha, IFPRI

Impacts of COVID-19 on provision and utilization of health and nutrition services in Uttar Pradesh, India: Insights from service providers, household phone surveys and administrative data
Poster P15-047-21 
Phuong Hong Nguyen, IFPRI

India’s 2.42 million frontline health workers enable restoration of health and nutrition service delivery after early COVID-19 lockdowns
Poster P05-047-21 
Rasmi Avula, IFPRI

Community and Public Health Nutrition: Ethiopia

Participatory nutrition capacity assessment and capacity development in six regions of Ethiopia
Poster P04-093-21 
Tadele Yitaferu, Alive & Thrive

Nutrition information systems in Ethiopia: Strengths and challenges
Poster P04-007-21 
Yonas Asrat, Alive & Thrive

Global Nutrition: Nigeria

Breastfeeding interpersonal communication and mobile phone support by private health care providers in Lagos, Nigeria increased exclusive breastfeeding at 6 and 24 weeks
Poster P15-020-21
Valerie L. Flax, RTI International

Engaging fathers to improve dietary diversity in Northern Nigeria: Perspectives from community and religious leaders, community health extension workers, and parents
Poster P15-041-21 
Stephanie L. Martin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Note: Nutrition 2021 is entirely online. During the meeting, abstract presentations will be available on demand with no set presentation time, providing attendees and presenting authors maximum flexibility for their schedules. To browse the more than 1,300 presentations on the complete conference schedule, go to Nutrition2021. Registration is required to access full presentations.

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