#BMSCodeAt40 Twitter Chat

May 27 2021

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On 21 May 2021, the World celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the adoption of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (otherwise known as the Code) by the 34th World Health Assembly on 21 May 1981. The Code aims to contribute to the provision of safe and adequate nutrition for infants by the protection and promotion of breast-feeding, and by ensuring the proper use of breast-milk substitutes by restricting promotions that target the general public, mothers and health workers. 

A Twitter Chat from Alive & Thrive and co-host 1,000 Days celebrates the Code's 40th anniversary and also reminds us how far we have to go. 40 years later,  the fight to #ProtectBreastfeeding and place #BabiesBeforeProfits continues, while the breastmilk substitutes industry uses aggressive, unethical marketing tactics to undermine breastfeeding and sell products, endangering the lives of children around the world. 

Calling all breastfeeding advocates to join us for the Twitter Chat! Engage with the Alive & Thrive Twitter account on June 2, 11AM EST and 15:00 GMT and use the hashtag #BMSCodeAt40. 


  1. Welcome to the #BMSCodeAt40 anniversary Twitter chat! We’re so excited to have you and celebrate this milestone. Let’s start with the basics -  who’s joining us today?  #ThereIsNoSubstitute #BabiesBeforeProfits 

  1. Over the last 40 years, research has only continued to prove #breastfeeding is unmatched in providing moms & babies the healthiest start. Who benefits, and how, when we #protectbreastfeeding around the world? #BabiesBeforeProfits #BMSCodeAt40

  2. Breastfeeding saves lives and lifts up communities – but over decades companies have ramped up their unethical efforts.  Why is the fight to #protectbreastfeeding more crucial than ever? What have we learned these last 40 years? #BMSCodeAt40

  3. The fight to #protectbreastfeeding has a long history – companies are still devising aggressive marketing strategies that undermine #breastfeeding. What actions should be prioritized to put #BabiesBeforeProfits & strengthen the #BMSCodeAt40? Who plays a role in the fight?

  4. The #BMSCodeAt40 and the fight to #protectbreastfeeding is a human rights issue. What does the Code protect? Why do we need the Code? #ThereisNoSubstitute #BabiesBeforeProfits 

  5. Companies have taken advantage of women’s fears during #COVID19, as with other emergencies, using media & their influence to affect regulations. The industry is now worth $60billion. What dangers does this pose to child health? #BMSCodeAt40

  6. We’ve seen industry’s tricks before, and successfully regulated unethical marketing – for example, with cigarettes. What strategies can we learn from or create to curb the aggressive, nefarious tactics of companies and put ##BabiesBeforeProfits?  #BMSCodeAt40

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