Nutrition data profiles guide efforts to scale up MIYCN in three regions of Burkina Faso

Jun 05 2019
Participants at regional MIYCN workshops in three of Burkina Faso’s 13 regions—the Centre Nord, Nord, and Sud Ouest—used nutrition profile data to help health district management teams develop workplans for scaling up MIYCN through RMNCAH platforms. Measures of chronic malnutrition – nationally and by region – were among the data shared at the workshops. Participants also reflected on the percentage of mothers reporting early initiation of breastfeeding, the giving of colostrum, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, the introduction of complementary foods, and dietary diversity, among other data. The workshops included 68 representatives of each health district within the regions (50 men and 18 women). At the end of the workshop, each health district committed to action plans to strengthen MIYCN interventions. These included actions focused on using evidence for routine nutrition service planning and setting clear and realistic service delivery targets. Two regional workshops planned in coming weeks will focus on completing draft workplans for all the country’s regions. Read more about A&T’s work in Burkina Faso.
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