#Nutrition2022 to feature Alive & Thrive research

May 24 2022

The annual conference of the American Society for Nutrition will feature research from across Alive & Thrive program areas. Here is a list of the oral and poster presentations that will be a part of #Nutrition2022, June 14-16 online.

Oral Presentations

Integrating a Targeted Breastfeeding Promotion Intervention Into Routine Health Services in Private Health Facilities in Lagos State, Nigeria Is Feasible
Number: OR16-03-22
Presenting Author: Diana Allotey (UNC Chapel Hill)
Session Title: Double Burden of Malnutrition (Oral Session 16)

Strengthening Nutrition Interventions in Antenatal Care Services Improved Consumption of Iron-Folic Acid Supplements and Early Breastfeeding Practices in Burkina Faso
Number: OR16-02-22
Presenting Author: Sunny Kim (IFPRI)
Session Title: Double Burden of Malnutrition (Oral Session 16)

Factors Associated With Breastfeeding Practices Around Childbirth: A Cross-Sectional Population-Based Study in Vietnam
Number: OR17-02-22
Presenting Author: Tuan Nguyen (Alive & Thrive)
Session Title: Feeding Babies: Topics in Lactation and Breastfeeding (Oral Session 17)

Data Use Aids Adaptation and Continuation of Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) Services in Urban Health Facilities in Bangladesh During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Number: OR06-06-22
Presenting Author: Jessica Escobar-DeMarco (Alive & Thrive)
Session Title: Challenges and Innovations During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Poster Presentations

School-Based Nutrition Interventions Had Impacts on Dietary Diversity and Meal Frequency of Adolescent Girls in Ethiopia
Number: PO15-57-22
Presenting Author: Celeste Sununtnasuk (IFPRI)
Topical Area: Global Nutrition

Behavior Change Communication Implemented at Scale in Nigeria Increases the Prevalence of Key Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices
Number: PO15-24-22
Presenting Author: Valerie Flax (RTI International)
Topical Area: Global Nutrition

Determinants of Adolescent Nutrition Status and Practices in Burkina Faso Using a Pooled Secondary Analysis
Number: PO16-25-22
Presenting Author: Deepali Godha (Independent Research Consultant)
Topical Area: Maternal, Perinatal and Pediatric Nutrition

Designing a Scalable Nutrition Education Package to Improve Diets of Adolescent Girls Through Primary Schools in Ethiopia
Number: PO15-61-22
Presenting Author: Tamirat Walissa (Alive & Thrive)
Topical Area: Global Nutrition

Assessment of Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) Knowledge and Practices Among Obstetricians and Pediatricians in Private Health Facilities in India
Number: PO04-23-22
Presenting Author: Sebanti Ghosh (Alive & Thrive)
Topical Area: Community and Public Health Nutrition

Paid Maternity Leave in Vietnam: Awareness, Perceptions, Gaps, and Uptake Among Formally Employed Pregnant Women and Mothers of Infants
Number: PO26-02-22
Presenting Author: Tuan Nguyen (Alive & Thrive)
Topical Area: Policies and Regulations

Implementation and Effectiveness of Breastfeeding Policies in the Philippines Are Limited by Structural and Individual Barriers
Number: PO26-01-22
Presenting Author: Mary Christine Castro (Nutrition Center of the Philippines)
Topical Area: Policies and Regulations

Fathers’ Complementary Feeding Support Moderates the Association Between Mothers’ Autonomous Household Decision-Making and Optimal Complementary Feeding
Number: PO15-04-22
Presenting Author: Diana Allotey (UNC Chapel Hill)
Topical Area: Global Nutrition

Factors Influencing the Practice of Exclusive Breastfeeding and Other Infant Feeding Practices in West and Central Africa
Number: PO20-30-22
Presenting Author: Nathalie Likhite (Alive & Thrive)
Topical Area: Nutrition Education and Behavior Sciences

Using Data to Improve Iron Folic Acid (IFA) Tablet Intake Among Pregnant Women (PW) in Boucle Du Mouhoun (BdM) and Hauts Hassins (HB) Regions of Burkina Faso
Number: PO16-89-22
Presenting Author: Maurice Zafimanjaka (Alive & Thrive)
Topical Area: Global Nutrition

Violations of the International Code of BMS in the Health System of Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire
Number: PO26-05-22
Presenting Author: Manisha Tharaney (Alive & Thrive)
Topical Area: Policies and Regulations

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