Partners advocate for making nutrition a top priority across West Africa to high-level stakeholders

Apr 15 2019

Leaders of several organizations working on nutrition in West Africa, including Alive & Thrive (A&T), called on presidents and other high-level government officials to make addressing malnutrition a priority across the region at a high-level advocacy event in Dakar on March 22.

The initiative’s regional program director, Dr. Aboubacry Thiam, moderated and chaired the roundtable, which involved about 50 participants, in collaboration with UNICEF and the SUN civil society movement. The roundtable was extensively reported in Senegal’s national media, including this TV news report, which was featured on the international network, Africable. Participants used data to emphasize the importance of nutrition to the region’s socio-economic development and raised awareness of initiatives aimed at increasing synergy of action for sustainable and coordinated investments and programs in support of nutrition. Key partners, including UNICEF, ALN/AfDB, SUN movement, Parliamentarians representative, and the West African Women’s Association (AFAO), participated. They agreed to establish a multi-sectoral group to better monitor various recommendations, including 1) strengthening synergy, 2) broadening partnerships for nutrition funding; and, 3) strengthening synergy through a network of learning and multisectoral platform for combating malnutrition.

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