CBO photo

Mar 29 2023

In mid-February, representatives of 21 community-based organizations (CBO) gathered with government personnel at a conference center in Abuja for a workshop to discuss social and behavior change communication (SBCC) approaches.

breastfeeding training at a factory

Mar 24 2023

Employees and managers at five factories of the global fashion retailer Inditex implemented a workplace lactation support program with support from Alive & Thrive that improved awareness of recommended breastfeeding practices and increased staff satisfaction among more than 3,500 female worke

PDD Indonesia

Feb 06 2023

In 2022, Alive & Thrive's research generated evidence and insights on maternal, infant, young child and adolescent nutrition topics across diverse contexts.

Ethiopia healthworker

Dec 15 2022

The scale-up of a package of maternal nutrition interventions in five of Ethiopia’s 10 regions is progressing well, stakeholders said during recent interviews. The package was developed with Alive & Thrive technical assistance.

Kemi and Michelle

Dec 15 2022

Companies across Nigeria are implementing workplace breastfeeding and lactation support programs thanks to sustained advocacy supported by Alive & Thrive, which advocates say is changing attitudes, too, at multiple levels.

processing nuts

Dec 15 2022

Viewed from outside, the ofi nuts factory in Pleiku, Viet Nam, is unremarkable, like many factories: a collection of large warehouses sitting on about five hectares on the outskirts of a city.

GMP weighing

Dec 09 2022

After a year of intensive development and pilot testing, the Government of Bangladesh has added a new module for growth monitoring and promotion (GMP) to its core mobile application-based service delivery platform for frontline workers.

CHW home visit

Dec 09 2022

An intervention leveraging technology to improve quality of health care service in community settings has won an MIT Solve Novel Measurement for Performance Improvement in Primary Healthcare Challenge award.

Nigeria launch

Dec 09 2022

Seven state governments committed to partner with Alive & Thrive to scale up nutrition interventions as the country continues to advance its multisectoral agenda of improving national nutrition indicators.