Apr 21 2020

Since its inception 10 years ago, Alive & Thrive has published almost 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals. These contributions to global knowledge inform efforts to improve maternal, infant and young child nutrition programs.

Apr 21 2020

The president of Ethiopia delivered a keynote address at one of several safe motherhood events across Ethiopia where A&T promoted maternal nutrition and advocated to high-level decision makers on the significant benefits of investing in nutrition.

Apr 21 2020

Nader Aboulebdeh learned about “Investing in Child Nutrition,” the e-learning course that Alive & Thrive developed with a variety of partners, from his supervisor at Action Against Hunger, the global humanitarian organization.

Mar 03 2020

40 years ago, in May of 1981, after decades of advocacy and faced with staggering rates of infant mortality, the world's public health leaders acted: the 34th World Health Assembly adopted the

Jan 30 2020

The 2010's are over - but data-driven innovations from the last decade will continue to drive improvements in MIYCN for healthier families, communities, and nations. In 2019, A&T continued support research in a variety of areas.

Jan 09 2020

Developed in collaboration with partners at the Global Breastfeeding Collective, this timeline presents key dates in the history of the Code. 

Dec 19 2019

The studies are part of Alive & Thrive’s work with stakeholders to promote nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA), an approach that seeks to maximize agriculture's contribution to nutrition.

Nov 13 2019

Seven out of every 10 babies in West and Central Africa receive liquids and foods in addition to breastmilk during their first six months of life, contributing to child malnutrition, illnesses and even death.

Sep 19 2019

Data make great impact when they are easily accessible to researchers and practitioners.