Journal article

Associations of maternal resources with care behaviours differ by resource and behaviour (Basnet, S., 2020. Maternal & Child Nutrition)

Topic(s): Research
Location: Global
Language(s): English
Audience: Program designers and implementers

This study examines how maternal resources for care, including maternal education, knowledge, height, nourishment, mental well-being, decision-making autonomy, employment, support in chores, and perceived instrumental support, are associated with care behaviors, such as IYCF, hygiene, health-seeking, and family care behaviors. All resources for care were found to be associated with care behaviors; however, associations differed by type of resource and care behavior, with some negative associations. Results suggest that improving resources for care available to mothers, including education, knowledge, nutritional status, mental well-being, autonomy, and social support, would facilitate improved provision of care for children.