Best practices and lessons learned: Policy advocacy in three country contexts

11 May 17
Topic(s): Breastfeeding
Location: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Southeast Asia
Audience: Policy makers and legislators, Program designers and implementers
Programs: Community mobilization, Mass communication, Policy advocacy, Social and behavior change

From 2010-2014, Alive & Thrive worked in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Viet Nam to reduce undernutrition and death caused by sub-optimal infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices. Our policy advocacy efforts included: working with the media to elevate the importance of IYCF, build momentum through a steady drumbeat of information and focus on IYCF, and provide a clear advocacy call to action; developing meaningful partnerships with medical communities, who play an important role in educating families about early child nutrition in Bangladesh and Viet Nam; helping to shape local nutrition policies through the annual Provincial Planning for Nutrition (PPN) process in Viet Nam; and partnering with influential organizations and champions (i.e. women’s associations) that have a stake in improving child nutrition and IYCF in Ethiopia and Viet Nam.