Journal article

Implementation of two policies to extend maternity leave and further restrict marketing of breast milk substitutes in Vietnam: a qualitative study (Payan D., 2021. Health Policy and Planning)

13 Sep 21
Topic(s): Breastfeeding
Location: East Asia Pacific
Language(s): English
Audience: Policy makers and legislators
Organization: Alive & Thrive
Programs: Policy advocacy
Category: Policy advocacy, Research

This study demonstrates that implementing two breastfeeding promotion policies in Viet Nam – an extended maternity leave policy and further restrictions on marketing of breastmilk substitutes – resulted in positive outcomes, facilitated by several factors. Analysis reveals that facilitators to implementation include policy precedence, a broad set of policies to promote the rights of women and children, and involvement from national- and international-level stakeholders. The article additionally explores implementation challenges and includes recommendations to facilitate a supportive policy environment in Viet Nam.