Trainer manual and trainee handbook 2: Counseling on infant and young child feeding at a health facility

01 Jul 11
Topic(s): Breastfeeding, Complementary feeding, Social franchise model
Location: East Asia Pacific
Language(s): English
Audience: Health and service providers, Program designers and implementers
Programs: Interpersonal communication
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Trainer Manual 2 is designed for use by trainers to prepare health-facility workers to deliver good quality IYCF counseling services. This manual offers an overview of IYCF, nutrition and health care for pregnant women and lactating mothers, breastfeeding, complementary feeding, hygiene, and child feeding during illness. The manual’s principal purpose is to provide essential counseling and communication skills to health workers who are responsible for the direct provision of IYCF counseling services at health facilities. The accompanying handbook is a reference for participants on topics discussed in the training.