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Nov 27 2023

Strengthening Nutrition Interventions during Antenatal Care Improved Maternal Dietary Diversity and Child Feeding Practices in Urban Bangladesh: Results of a Quasi-Experimental Evaluation Study (Nguyen PH, Sununtnasuk C, et al. Journal of Nutrition. 2023)

Results of Alive & Thrive's assessment of the effect of integrating maternal, infant, and young child nutrition interventions, delivered at urban Maternal Neonatal and Child Health facilities in Bangladesh, on maternal dietary diversity, IFA and calcium consumption, and child feeding practices. 

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Nov 08 2023

Opportunities and challenges in delivering maternal and child nutrition services through public primary health care facilities in urban Bangladesh: a qualitative inquiry (Hasan AMR, Selim MA, et al. BMC Health Services Research. 2023)

The study examines the challenges and facilitators of delivering maternal and child nutrition services through the public sector in urban areas of Bangladesh from the perspectives of the users and service providers.

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Oct 30 2023

Law matters – assessment of country-level code implementation and sales of breastmilk substitutes in South Asia (Ching C, Sethi V, et al. Frontiers in Public Health. 2023)

This study examines the status of implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes of eight countries in the South Asia region (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), and describes the sales value and volume of commercial

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Oct 30 2023

Breastfeeding and infant care as ‘sexed’ care work: reconsideration of the three Rs to enable women’s rights, economic empowerment, nutrition and health (Gribble KD, Smith JP, et al. Frontiers in Public Health. 2023)

The "Three Rs" framework aims to achieve gender equality by recognizing, reducing, and redistributing women's care and domestic work. However, breastfeeding is a unique form of care work that should not be reduced and cannot be directly redistributed to fathers or others.


Oct 23 2023


Protection de la Maternité au Niger

Résultats d’une courte étude descriptive sur les attitudes et perceptions à l’égard des interventions sur le lieu de travail dans le secteur formel à Niamey, Niger.

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Oct 05 2023

Characteristics and factors influencing the volume of breastmilk donated by women to the first human milk bank in Vietnam (Tran HT, Nguyen TT, et al. Frontiers in Global Women's Health. 2023)

This study examined characteristics and factors associated with higher volumes of human milk donation at the first human milk bank in Vietnam.