Oct 23 2023


Protection de la Maternité au Niger

Résultats d’une courte étude descriptive sur les attitudes et perceptions à l’égard des interventions sur le lieu de travail dans le secteur formel à Niamey, Niger.

Booklet, Guide, Job aid

Oct 13 2023

Toolkit cover image

Toolkit to support breastfeeding women in the workplace

This toolkit is intended as a reference guide for employers and all those dedicated to creating breastfeeding-friendly workplaces in Viet Nam.

Journal article

Oct 05 2023

Characteristics and factors influencing the volume of breastmilk donated by women to the first human milk bank in Vietnam (Tran HT, Nguyen TT, et al. Frontiers in Global Women's Health. 2023)

This study examined characteristics and factors associated with higher volumes of human milk donation at the first human milk bank in Vietnam.

Oct 04 2023

Changing maternal, infant and young child nutrition practices through social and behaviour change interventions implemented at scale: Lessons learned from Alive & Thrive (Flax V, Bose S, et al. Maternal & Child Nutrition. 2023)

This research describes Alive & Thrive's social and behaviour change implementation processes and their impact, and outlines lessons learned from interviews with A&T staff and stakeholders in six countries.

Journal article

Oct 04 2023

Promoting Respectful Maternity Care by Reducing Unnecessary Episiotomies: Experiences from Centers of Excellence for Breastfeeding in Vietnam (Vu D, Ta B, et al. Healthcare. 2023)

Routine episiotomy is not recommended by international guidelines; however, it occurs at a high rate in Vietnam. The aim of this project report is to outline the steps undertaken to reduce episiotomies, the experience in pilot hospitals, and the process towards changing policy.

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Sep 25 2023

Workforce Nutrition Guidebooks in Vietnamese

Workforce nutrition programs are a set of interventions advocated by the Workforce Nutrition Alliance, designed to work through the existing structures of the workplace to address fundamental aspects of nutrition amongst employees or supply chain workers.