Aug 16 2023

Alive & Thrive Nigeria MIYCN Practical Skills Training Manual cover

Alive & Thrive Nigeria MIYCN Practical Skills Training Manual

This manual can be used as part of an in-service orientation/training for newly employed or deployed health professionals working in MIYCN. It can also be used to train existing primary healthcare (PHC) workers on essential MIYCN services that can be integrated into PHC services.


Aug 16 2023

Alive & Thrive Nigeria Maternal Nutrition Brochure

This brochure identifies best practices in nutrition and hygiene for pregnant and breastfeeding Nigerian mothers.

Job aid

Aug 15 2023

MIYCN Talking Points Guide cover

MIYCN Talking Points for Community Mobilization Volunteers

This guide provides talking points for community mobilization volunteers in Nigeria to utilize when advising mothers and their family members on best practices in maternal nutrition, breastfeeding, and complementary feeding for young children.


Jul 28 2023

Maternity Protection Policy Expansion for Female Workers in Informal Sector in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, 50% of children are born to a mother who is not entitled to paid maternity leave, largely because female workers in the informal sector are excluded from these policies. Alive & Thrive has collaborated with SUN CSA Viet Nam to advocate for the expansion of maternity entitlements to the informal sector in Viet Nam.


Jul 27 2023

Cost of Not Breastfeeding Advocacy Brief Series (2022)

Not breastfeeding has significant health and economic impacts. The Cost of Not Breastfeeding Tool is an evidence-based modeling tool that uses open-access data to estimate the health and economic costs of not protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding.

Journal article

Jul 20 2023