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Mar 17 2023

Integrating nutrition and mental health screening, risk identification and management in prenatal health programs in India

In this paper, researchers present opportunities and challenges for integration of maternal nutrition and mental health screening and a management protocol at routine prenatal care in India, discuss evidence-based interventions in other low- and middle-income countries including India, and make r

Mar 13 2023

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'First do no harm' overlooked: Video summary

New Alive & Thrive research shows that country-level clinical guidance for the care of newborns of mothers with COVID-19 was poorly aligned with WHO's guidance. This short video summarizes key points from the research.

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Mar 08 2023

The Impact of Vietnam’s 2013 Extension of Paid Maternity Leave on Women’s Labour Force Participation (Joyce CM, Nguyen TT, Pham TN, Mathisen R, et al, Journal of Asian Public Policy. 2023)

In 2013, Vietnam expanded its paid maternity leave from four to six months. This study evaluated whether the expansion of Vietnam’s paid maternity leave policy was associated with improved long-term labour market outcomes for Vietnamese women.

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Mar 06 2023

Understanding the Corporate Political Activity of the Ultra - Processed Food Industry in East Asia: A Philippines Case Study (Huse O, Reeve E, Zambrano P, et al, Global Health. 2023)

Evidence is mounting that the ultra-processed food industry seeks to influence food and nutrition policies in ways that support market growth and protect against regulatory threats, often at the expense of public health.

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Feb 13 2023

Cross-sectional multimedia audit reveals a multinational commercial milk formula industry circumventing the Philippine Milk Code with misinformation, manipulation, and cross-promotion campaigns

This study employed a cross-sectional multimedia audit to examine the marketing and promotion of products under the scope of the Code, as well as those regulated by the Philippine Milk Code.

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Feb 07 2023

Marketing of commercial milk formula: a system to capture parents, communities, science, and policy (Rollins N, Piwoz E, Zambrano P, et al, The Lancet. 2023)

Despite proven benefits, less than half of infants and young children globally are breastfed in accordance with the recommendations of WHO.