Feb 01 2024

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Alive & Thrive Digital Technology Catalog: An overview of the digital technology innovations Alive & Thrive has developed to help improve nutrition outcomes

This brief summarizes how Alive & Thrive is currently leveraging digital technology to strengthen nutrition programming. It catalogs our existing innovations and directs readers to additional information.

Journal article

Oct 30 2023

Breastfeeding and infant care as ‘sexed’ care work: reconsideration of the three Rs to enable women’s rights, economic empowerment, nutrition and health (Gribble KD, Smith JP, et al. Frontiers in Public Health. 2023)

The "Three Rs" framework aims to achieve gender equality by recognizing, reducing, and redistributing women's care and domestic work. However, breastfeeding is a unique form of care work that should not be reduced and cannot be directly redistributed to fathers or others.


Jul 27 2023

Cost of Not Breastfeeding Advocacy Brief Series (2022)

Not breastfeeding has significant health and economic impacts. The Cost of Not Breastfeeding Tool is an evidence-based modeling tool that uses open-access data to estimate the health and economic costs of not protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding.

Journal article

Jun 26 2023

Innovative financing for a gender-equitable first-food system to mitigate greenhouse gas impacts of commercial milk formula: investing in breastfeeding as a carbon offset (Smith JP, Borg B, et al. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. 2023)

Women's significant contributions to food production and security, especially through breastfeeding, often go unnoticed, perpetuating inequitable and unsustainable global food systems.


May 10 2023

Mothers' Milk Tool Introduction

This short video, intended for advocates and policy makers, introduces the Mothers' Milk Tool, which makes it possible to calculate the economic impact of breastfeeding on society. Women's production of mothers' milk is a crucial contributor to the global economy, yet it has never been syste

Journal article

Feb 07 2023

Marketing of commercial milk formula: a system to capture parents, communities, science, and policy (Rollins N, Piwoz E, Zambrano P, et al, The Lancet. 2023)

Despite proven benefits, less than half of infants and young children globally are breastfed in accordance with the recommendations of WHO.