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Jul 30 2021

#WhatWillYouDo? World Breastfeeding Week 2021

Breastfeeding is a shared responsibility.

Journal article

May 17 2021

Community support model on breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices in remote areas in Vietnam: implementation, cost, and effectiveness (Nguyen, T.T., 2021. International Journal for Equity in Health)

After Alive & Thrive initiated IYCF community support groups in remote villages across nine provinces in Viet Nam, evaluation shows that the group model was effective in reaching remote populations and likely contributed to improved IYCF practices, including higher odds of early initiation of

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Feb 15 2019


Oct 01 2018

Roadmap for strengthening the role of medical colleges and hospitals: Integrating and promoting a maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) program and policy agenda

In India, the policy framework for addressing maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) exists, albeit accountability is spread across a myriad of schemes in multiple government departments.