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Nov 28 2023

Maternity protection policies and the enabling environment for breastfeeding in the Philippines: a qualitative study (Maramag CC, Zambrano P, et al. International Breastfeeding Journal. 2023)

The Philippines has enacted maternity protection policies, such as the 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law and the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009, to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.


Jul 28 2023

Maternity Protection Policy Expansion for Female Workers in Informal Sector in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, 50% of children are born to a mother who is not entitled to paid maternity leave, largely because female workers in the informal sector are excluded from these policies. Alive & Thrive has collaborated with SUN CSA Viet Nam to advocate for the expansion of maternity entitlements to the informal sector in Viet Nam.


May 29 2023

Addressing malnutrition of the furthest behind in Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam

With support from the Government of Ireland, Alive & Thrive is working to tackle malnutrition and reach global nutrition targets in the Mekong Sub-Region with a priority on the furthest behind in each context.

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Mar 08 2023

The Impact of Vietnam’s 2013 Extension of Paid Maternity Leave on Women’s Labour Force Participation (Joyce CM, Nguyen TT, Pham TN, Mathisen R, et al, Journal of Asian Public Policy. 2023)

In 2013, Vietnam expanded its paid maternity leave from four to six months. This study evaluated whether the expansion of Vietnam’s paid maternity leave policy was associated with improved long-term labour market outcomes for Vietnamese women.

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Feb 07 2023

The political economy of infant and young child feeding: confronting corporate power, overcoming structural barriers, and accelerating progress (Baker P, Smith JP, et al, The Lancet. 2023)

Despite increasing evidence about the value and importance of breastfeeding, less than half of the world's infants and young children (aged 0–36 months) are breastfed as recommended. This Series paper examines the social, political, and economic reasons for this problem.


Jan 12 2023

workplace lactation support thumbnail

VIDEO: An introduction to Workplace Lactation Support programs

Some mothers who would like to continue breastfeeding are forced to stop so that they can return to work. Workplace Lactation Support programs are an effective way to address this problem.