Field note

Sep 01 2013

Good feeding practices don’t just happen

On Friday, September 21, 2012, I gave birth in a nearby health center to my second daughter.  Her father and I named her Bethlehem. We were happy. God had blessed our family with a healthy and strong baby. I thank God and all that have helped me.

Journal article

Aug 05 2013

Maternal and Child Dietary Diversity Are Associated in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Ethiopia (Nguyen PH., 2013. Journal of Nutrition)

Assessments of mother-child (6–24 mo) dyads in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Ethiopia determinants of maternal and child dietary diversity and demonstrated agreement and association between the two.

Journal article

Jul 01 2013

Journal article

May 03 2013

Maternal mental health is associated with child undernutrition and child illness in Bangladesh, Viet Nam and Ethiopia (Nguyen PH., 2013. Public Health Nutrition)

The 2013 Lancet series on maternal and child undernutrition highlighted maternal depression as a significant risk factor for poor child growth and recommended interventions to address the problem through maternal and child health and nutrition programs.


Sep 01 2012

Client leaflets on infant and young child feeding

Four leaflets are provided to mothers and other caregivers at health facilities and community events.

Field note

Jul 01 2012

How we strengthened national IYCF policies in Viet Nam: Truong Quoc Hung’s story

In June 2012, the National Assembly approved both pieces of legislation. Hung currently serves as the Assistant to the President of the Viet Nam National Assembly’s Institute for Legislative Studies (ILS)—the nation’s leading center for policy research, information, and analysis.