Feb 01 2024

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Alive & Thrive Digital Technology Catalog: An overview of the digital technology innovations Alive & Thrive has developed to help improve nutrition outcomes

This brief summarizes how Alive & Thrive is currently leveraging digital technology to strengthen nutrition programming. It catalogs our existing innovations and directs readers to additional information.

Journal article

Jan 08 2024

Bridging the evidence-to-action gap: enhancing alignment of national nutrition strategies in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam with global and regional recommendations (Nguyen TT, Huynh NL, et al. Frontiers in Nutrition. 2024)

This journal article details Alive & Thrive’s examination of the alignment of recent National Nutrition Strategies and Action Plans (NNS) in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam with recent global and regional recommendations and standards with a focus on maternal, infant, and young child nutrition an

Journal article

Nov 08 2023

Opportunities and challenges in delivering maternal and child nutrition services through public primary health care facilities in urban Bangladesh: a qualitative inquiry (Hasan AMR, Selim MA, et al. BMC Health Services Research. 2023)

The study examines the challenges and facilitators of delivering maternal and child nutrition services through the public sector in urban areas of Bangladesh from the perspectives of the users and service providers.

Journal article

Jul 20 2023

Journal article

Jun 14 2023

Comprehensive Approach for Improving Adherence to Prenatal Iron and Folic Acid Supplements Based on Intervention Studies in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and India (Sanghvi T, Nguyen PH, et al, Food and Nutrition Bulletin. 2023)

Anemia remains a critical maternal nutrition issue in low- and middle-income countries. Literature search, formative research and baseline surveys, informed the design of interventions to improve adherence to iron and folic acid supplementation in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and India.

Journal article

Mar 17 2023

Integrating nutrition and mental health screening, risk identification and management in prenatal health programs in India

In this paper, researchers present opportunities and challenges for integration of maternal nutrition and mental health screening and a management protocol at routine prenatal care in India, discuss evidence-based interventions in other low- and middle-income countries including India, and make r