Sep 09 2021

Minimum Standards for the Establishment and Operation of Human Milk Banks in Southeast Asia

Human milk bank services are an essential component of a breastfeeding-friendly health system. Such services give small and sick babies access to the multiple benefits of breastmilk by providing safe donor human milk.

Brief, Guide

Dec 03 2020

Workplace lactation support programme in Myanmar

Breastfeeding is a powerful weapon in the fight to ensure every child has the best possible start to life, but mothers need access to accurate information and timely support from their family and community; the healthcare system; and their employers.


Feb 01 2019

Briefing note: Ensuring every infant has access to breastmilk: Human milk banks in the ASEAN region

The first six months of life are critical for child health and development. Breastmilk provides all the nutrients infants need during this period, supporting brain development and reducing the risk of infection and malnutrition.


Jan 22 2019

Human milk for all infants: A comprehensive approach to early newborn care (Myanmar)

In preparation for a national advocacy meeting on human milk banking in Myanmar, A&T worked with UNICEF to develop a brief on human milk banking as a component of a breastfeeding-friendly health systems.