Mar 04 2022

Nigeria Country Brief

This brief describes A&T’s new and ongoing efforts to scale up MIYCN interventions in Nigeria.

Brief, Handout

Oct 28 2020

An overview of Alive & Thrive's implementation research

Alive & Thrive's implementation research spans its program areas, seeking to answer "how" to implement effective interventions and policies. Active studies are detailed in the attached documents.

Brief, Policy advocacy

Sep 20 2019

BMS Advocacy Briefs

These briefs provide guidance to various stakeholders on the enforcement of the Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes in Nigeria.


Oct 23 2018

Nigeria nutrition profiles

Nigeria has recently made progress toward strengthening policies and programs in support of maternal, infant and young child nutrition (MIYCN). However, progress has been limited to specific states—and creating strong plans for implementation of new policies remains a challenge.


Jul 24 2018

Findings from the Lancet Breastfeeding Series: Implications for health, social, and economic development in Nigeria

This brief summarize the global research on breastfeeding and its implications for Nigeria. The benefits of breastfeeding go beyond individual health. Breastfeeding impacts the country’s social and economic development and has implications for reaching national and global health targets.


Jul 24 2018

Exclusive breastfeeding: The only source of water and nutrients that infants need for the first six months of life

This advocacy brief makes the case for the importance of exclusive breastfeeding, aims to sensitize policymakers on the value of exclusive breastfeeding and policies/programs that ensure mothers/caregivers do not offer infants any water for the first six months of life.