Alive & Thrive (A&T) investments in Ethiopia transform previously successful direct implementation efforts that achieved improvements in optimum breastfeeding and complementary feeding practices into an approach that strengthens systems and builds capacity to deliver and monitor quality maternal, infant and young child nutrition (MIYCN). In unity with the Government of Ethiopia and other partners, the A&T initiative strives to advocate for favorable MIYCN policies, collect and utilize data to build the evidence base, improve adolescent nutrition, and incorporate nutrition-sensitive activities into the agriculture and livestock sectors.

Abdulaziz Ali Oumer
Program Director

Abdulaziz is a public health and nutrition professional with 20 years of experience working with the Ethiopian health care system. He is a medical doctor by training but has worked at several international NGOs. Prior to joining A&T, Abdulaziz worked as the Chief of Party for the INSPIRE project at Save the Children, a $30 million multisectoral nutrition project that aims to improve maternal, infant and young child nutrition. Abdulaziz also served as the Project Director for the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance III (FANTA III) project implemented by FHI 360. He has extensive experience providing technical assistance at national and regional levels and has contributed to several national guidelines, policy documents and training guides in the areas of nutrition, HIV/AIDS, and child health.

Mohammed Abegaz
Afar Regional MEL Specialist
Mohammed has been working in public health for over 10 years, bringing experience in Maternal and Child Health, HIV/AIDS, emergencies, and sanitation, both developing and managing projects. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Public Health, he applied his skills in program development and MLE as an Advisor for UNICEF Collaboration with the Ministry of Health. Currently, he serves as the Regional MEL Specialist, working within the Afar Regional Health Bureau.
Azeb Aberra
Administrative Associate
Azeb has more than 23 years of work experience working as as an invoice clerk, store keeper, and sales supervisor. She worked at the Misrak flour and bread factory for 16 years and for the General Service Office at the World Health Organization for three years.
Abebe Achomo
SNNP Regional MLE Specialist
Abebe has 20 years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation on public health programs. His focus is on technical support for RMNCH activities, data for decision making, data quality and usage, M&E reporting formats, and capacity-building. In his current role as the Regional MLE Specialist, he works within the SNNP Regional Health Bureau. Prior to joining A&T, he worked as the Head of the Zonal Health Department, a Disease Prevention Coordinator and HC Head for a Government Organization, an M&E Coordinator and Project Officer at JSI/L10K, an Immunization Specialist at JSI/UIFHS, and as a Regional MEL Advisor at ICAP-MDTA. Abebe holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and a master’s degree in Health Monitoring and Evaluation.
Ayele Bekele Agedo
Contracts Officer
Ayele has over 10 years of experience working in government and non-governmental organizations. He has worked as a loan distribution and collection officer in the Bureau of Micro & Small Scale Enterprise Office at the Woreda level, and as a teacher at Hossaina TVET College. He has also worked for World Vision International Ethiopia for over seven years as an accountant, finance officer, support services coordinator, and procurement officer, where he managed financial transactions, administrative, and procurement related activities.
Tigabu Amebafrash
Amhara Regional MAIYCN Advisor

Tigabu is a public health expert with more than 17 years of experience, working in both government and NGOs. Prior to joining A&T he worked as the prevention of mother-to-child transmission regional advisor in Amhara with JSI/AIDSTAR-One Ethiopia. He has also served as a water, sanitation, and hygiene officer in Gamebela for a South Sudanese refugees’ emergency program with Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

Girma Ashenafi
Oromia Regional FNCO Presidential Advisor
Girma brings over 27 years of government-sector public health experience to his role as FNCO Presidential Advisor in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. He has served in the government public health, working within the Oromia Regional Administration President’s Office. Previously, Girma has held roles in the government as a Public Health Officer, District Health Office Head, Head of the Zonal Health Department, the Head of Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau, the Deputy Head of Oromia Regional State Health Bureau, and Senior Advisor to the State Minister. Girma’s focus has been on primary health care and health programs, including maternal and child health, and he holds a master’s degree in public health.
Samuel Asfaw
Deputy Project Director, Operations
Samuel manages finance and operations for A&T Ethiopia. He has over 17 years of experience in accounting and financial management with NGOs, including working at Fida International for over 10 years. As administration and finance manager for the AED/LINKAGES project, he was responsible for office setup, recruitment, and project close-out. Samuel also worked as a finance and administration director for Prison Fellowship Ethiopia and as finance and as the operations manager for EngenderHealth Ethiopia.
Yonas Taffesse Asrat
Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist
Yonas has over 20 years of experience in research, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and leadership. Prior to joining A&T, he served as the monitoring and evaluation director with Washington University International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH) Ethiopia. Prior to I-TECH, he worked with the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI) where he managed programs, finance, and monitoring and evaluation efforts. Earlier in his career, Yonas also worked for the Ethiopian Nutrition Institute (ENI).
Dereje Assefa
Regional MAIYCN Advisor, Oromia
Dereje holds a master’s degree in General Public Health and bachelor’s degree in Public Health. He has ample and diverse experience in managing successful programs in health system capacity building and system strengthening in Ethiopia, both at the national and regional levels. He worked for Save the children International, FHI360 and GOAL Ethiopia as Health and Nutrition Program Coordinator and Advisor. Currently he is serving Alive and Thrive Project in the capacity of Regional MAIYCN Advisor seconded at Oromia Regional Health Bureau.
Tolessa Kebebew
Oromia Regional Multisectoral Nutrition Coordinator
Prior to joining A&T, Tolessa worked as Nutrition Officer at JSI/Transform and at the JSI/WHO/ANI Project. He also worked as Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Program Coordinator at WVE. He contributes his experience from these 10 years of nutrition work to his current role as Oromia Regional Multisectoral Nutrition coordinator, working within the Oromia Regional Health Bureau. Tolessa holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health in Epidemiology from Addis Ababa University and Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Jimma University.
Getu Assefa
Oromia Regional Senior Program Manager
Getu, A&T’s Regional Senior Program Manager in the Oromia Region, has over 23 years of work experience in managing health and nutrition programs at government organizations and NGOs, with particular focus in staff supervision and staff mentoring for improved performance. His prior roles include a Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU) Director in a Government Health System, a Regional Health Bureau Advisor for USAID’s Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance program, a Nutrition & HIV Specialist at the Federal Ministry of Health, and a National Nutrition Consultant at WFP.
Zewge Assefa
Knowledge Management Specialist
Zewge brings his 10 years of multisectoral experience in communications, media, and international development to his role as a Knowledge Management Specialist in A&T’s Ethiopia Office. Holding three master’s degrees, in Journalism & Communications, Media Studies, and International Development, he has worked as an English Teacher, Scriptwriter, Copywriter, and Communications Manager in the public, advertising and NGO sectors, and previously wrote 36 nutrition-focused episodes of an SBCC-focused radio drama for Alive and Thrive.
Serbessa Dereje
Oromia Regional MLE Specialist
Serbessa brings over 7 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation in both governmental and non-governmental health programs and project to his role as A&T’s Regional MLE Specialist, working within the Oromia Regional Health Bureau. Prior to joining A&T, he has coordinated a variety of Health Extension Programs in Ethiopia and earned a both a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in public health.
Terefe Deressa
Logistics Officer
Terefe holds a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management from LeadStar College of Management and bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Material Management from Jimma University. He has more than seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He worked for World Vision Ethiopia as Procurement Officer and Administrative Supervisor.
Beimnet Desalegn
Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
Beimnet is a monitoring and evaluation professional, with years of expertise in public health data. Prior to joining A&T as an MLE Specialist, he worked for ICAP CU Ethiopia, focusing on regional and zonal data monitoring and evaluation, and as a freelance data collector for Tufts University/Save the Children. Beimnet holds a master’s degree in Public Health and a bachelor’s degree in Health Education Promotion.
Amdom Gebrehi
Regional MAIYCN Advisor, Tigray
Amdom holds a master’s degree in Public Health from Mekelle University and a bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Promotion from Jimma University. He worked as Regional Nutrition Specialist at the Tigray Region Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development in Early Warning Response and Food Security Sector Core Process/ Emergency Nutrition Coordination Unit. He served JSI-L10K as Regional Nutrition specialist.
Abeba Gebrmeskel
Office Assistant
Abeba holds a Level II Diploma in IT Support Service. She has nine years of experience in different governmental and other organizations in different positions.
Mesfin Getachew
Afar Regional Multisectoral Nutrition Coordinator
Mesfin’s 10 years of project management public health experience include managing multisectoral emergency response and development projects for NGOs, focusing on budget and resource management. He holds a master’s degree in public health, and currently works as Alive & Thrive’s Regional Multisectoral Nutrition Coordinator in Ethiopia’s Afar Region, working within the Afar Regional Health Bureau.
Solomon Getachew
Solomon holds a Level III Diploma in Automotive Engine and a Grade 4 Driving License. He has more than 20 years of experience in different non-governmental and other organizations as a Driver/Mechanic.
Abdulahi Haji
Somali Regional Multisectoral Nutrition Coordinator
Abdulahi is a Regional Multisectoral Nutrition Coordinator for the Somali region, working within the Somali Regional Health Bureau, a role in which he has developed and publicized the first contextualized MIYCN SBCC materials at the community level. He holds a master’s degree in Public Health in Nutrition from Haramaya University, and brings 6 years’ of nutrition-focused INGO experience. Prior to joining A&T, he worked as an Emergency Health and Nutrition Specialist and Nutrition Technical Advisor at Save the Children and a Regional Coordinator at CARE Ethiopia.
Tesfaye Honja
SNNP Regional Multisectoral Nutrition Coordinator
Tesfaye brings over 10 years of experience in system strengthening and technical support to government multisectoral nutrition coordination to his role at A&T. Prior to joining A&T as a Regional Multisectoral Nutrition Coordinator, working within the SNNP Regional Health Bureau, Tesfaye held roles as a Regional Sustainable Under Nutrition Reduction in Ethiopia (SURE) Program Coordinator, a Zonal Health Extension Program Coordinator in Somali Region, and a Regional Emergency Nutrition Technical Advisor at SNNPR. He holds a master’s degree in Human Nutrition as well as a bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education and Promotion.
Jemal Hussien
Regional MAIYCN Advisor, Afar
Jemal holds a master’s degree in General Public Health from Jimma University and bachelor’s degree in Health Extension Program from Samara University. He worked as Health and Nutrition Specialist for Save the Children International where he played a vital role for program development and quality unit by leading baseline, end-line and final mixed type surveys. Currently he is serving Alive and Thrive Project in the capacity of Regional MAIYCN Advisor seconded at Afar Regional Health Bureau.
Ahmed Ismail
Somali Regional FNCO Presidential Advisor
Ahmed brings over ten years of diverse experience in the humanitarian sector to his role as the Somali Regional FNCO Presidential Advisor, working within the Somali Regional Administration President’s Office. Prior to joining A&T, he received a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, a master’s degree in Disaster Risk Management, and worked for several years in different capacities with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).
Sintayehu Mekonnen
Finance Manager and Senior Accountant
Sintayehu has nearly two decades of experience working in government and the Embassy of Ireland (Irish Aid). He worked as a budget and disbursement expert in the Bureau of Finance and Economic Development and as finance head, and auditor for the Sector Offices supported by Irish Aid, during the Area Based Program with Embassy of Ireland/Irish Aid – Tigray Liaison Office. Sintayehu also worked as finance and administrative officer in the Budget Support Program of Irish Aid.
Birara Melesse
Senior MAIYCN Advisor
Birara holds a master’s degree in Applied Human Nutrition and bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Gondar University School of Public Health. He has worked for the Federal Ministry of Health in various positions for more than 10 years, including National Immunization Program Manager, Genera Public Health and System Strengthening Support Expert and National Nutrition Program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation expert. Currently, he is serving Alive and Thrive in the capacity of Senior MAIYCN Advisor seconded at Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health national nutrition case team, where he is responsible for providing technical and managerial support in the overall food and nutrition policy, strategy and program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
Amare Birhanu Mengistu
SNNPR Regional MAIYCN Advisor

Amare holds a master’s degree in Human Nutrition from Wolaita Soddo University and a bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Gondar College of Medical Science. He has been providing advisory services to project woredas, zones and regional stakeholders, strengthening coordination, integration and networking among stakeholders. He was a seconded Global Sanitation Fund consultant at SNNPR Regional Health Bureau for the Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (MIYCN-NSA) Project. He worked for SNV Ethiopia in the capacity as WASH Advisor for the “NUWI II Project” and project coordinator for the UNICEF and SNV College capacity building project. He previously served as Alive & Thrive's Regional Coordinator for SNNPR/ Hawassa.

Fanna Minwuyelet
Policy and Advocacy Advisor
Fanna holds a master’s degree in Project Management from Cambridge International College and bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Sciences from Addis Ababa University. Fanna has over 16 years of experience serving the most deprived and needy community groups, including working with the John Hopkins University, Center for Communication Programs, Academy for Educational Development’s Communication for Change as Communications Manager, and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as communication for development specialist. She has worked with prominent media houses leading the development and dissemination of youth, HIV, Malaria, WASH and Nutrition focused programs.
Abdisalan Muse
Somali Regional MLE Specialist
Abdisalan is a monitoring, learning, and evaluation specialist for A&T’s activities in the Somali region, working within the Regional Health Bureau. He brings five years’ experience working for NGO’s, including Action Against Hunger, Islamic Relief, and Oxfam, as well as the regional government system. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Axum University.
Hashim Sheik
Somali Regional Senior Program Manager
Hashim is the Senior Regional Program Manager for Ethiopia’s Somali Region, working within the Somali Regional Health Bureau. His diverse expertise includes both clinical and public health experience, with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s in public health. Prior to joining A&T, Hashim worked for eight years with INGO’s, focusing on nutrition, including as a Health and Nutrition Manager for Save the Children, a Senior Program Manager for the ENGINE Project, and a Nutrition Activity Manager at MSP Spain. He has also worked as a clinician in a governmental hospital.
Rahel Shewaye
Human Resources Officer
Rahel holds a master’s degree in Human Resources Management and bachelor’s degree in Administrative Service Management from Addis Ababa University School of Commerce. She has four years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She had been working as Program Administration Assistant for a development program focusing on food security with CARE International in Ethiopia. She also worked as Administration and Human Resources in the GOAL Ethiopia field office and head office. Currently she is serving Alive and Thrive Project in the capacity of HR Officer.
Kebede Tafesse
Senior Technical Advisor, Agriculture
Kebede holds a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Wye College of London University and a bachelor’s degree in Plant Science from the former Alemaya College of Agriculture. With over four decades of experience in rural agriculture extension service, agricultural product marketing, project management, food security and nutrition and livelihoods, he served as a managing director of the Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (Livelihood component) of Save the Children’s ENGINE and GtN projects. He was a national project coordinator and senior program officer in food security focused on asset protection, livelihood diversification, resilience and nutrition specifically for chronically and transitory food insecure households.
Muguleta Teamir
Senior Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Advisor

Dr. Mulugeta holds both a PhD and master’s degree in Food Science. Prior to joining A&T, he worked as a food, nutrition and postharvest researcher for the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR). He was part of an award-winning team for common bean technology generation and promotion as well as best maize technology development and dissemination. Mulugeta serves as A&T’s Senior Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Advisor, and works within the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

Fesseha Tekle
SNNP Regional Senior Program Manager
Fesseha brings over 10 years of experience in public health, nutrition, and program management at INGOs to his role as Regional Senior Program Manager, working within the SNNP Regional Health Bureau. Prior to joining A&T, Fesseha worked in advisory and program management roles for FANTA III at FHI360, the USAID Food by Prescription (FBP) project with Save the Children International, the HCSP project with Management Science for Health (MSH), and High Risk Corridor Initiatives (HRCI) Project with Save the Children USA Ethiopia. Fesseha holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Rural Development.
Tamirrat Tafesse Walissa
Senior MIYCAN Advisor

Tamirrat has over 10 years of experience in the areas of health and nutrition. Prior to joining A&T, he worked as a social and behavior change specialist with the International Medical Corps for USAID’s Livestock Market Development project. He has also worked as an IYCF coordinator with World Vision Ethiopia.