Partnering to advance and sustain progress in reducing malnutrition

Alive and Thrive (A&T) systematically applies an evidence-rich framework for delivering nutrition results at scale. A&T’s commitment to the delivery of high-quality technical assistance creates an environment for innovation and learning, whereby programs and partners can strengthen practices, policies, and systems for optimum maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN).

Our Approach

A&T engages in dynamic alliances with donors, governments, and MIYCN partners to share responsibility, leverage knowledge, and speak in one voice across regional and global platforms. A&T’s SBCC framework and proven policy advocacy strategies serve as the foundation by which A&T guides the capacity building of influential individuals to champion MIYCN practices and the enhanced delivery of services for the 1000 days population, their family support circles, and the frontline workers who serve them.

Ongoing strategic use of data brings stakeholders together, lends power to advocacy, and motivates positive decision-making. A&T’s diverse systems strengthening approaches addresses MIYCN needs within the government and private sector to enable partnership and foster sustainability. Future work is transformed through the power of implementation learning and continual testing and documentation of how to effectively deliver and scale state-of-the-art MIYCN programs.

Our Partnerships

The A&T initiative emphasizes capacity building at various levels, from national to local, and among different institutions (multi-lateral, NGO, others) to deliver and sustain quality MIYCN services at high coverage, and to improve the policy and regulatory environment. A&T works directly with governments and local partner organizations that have extensive community reach and layers MIYCN interventions onto these existing platforms. Identification of opportunities for cross-fertilization of learning and best practices are formed through ongoing dialogue across country and regional programs, as well as through A&T’s Stakeholder and Technical Advisory Group.

Strategic Leadership