Nourishing new ideas for social and behavior change

Alive & Thrive has been motivating changes in maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) social norms and behaviors for more than a decade. Over that time, strategies and tools for effective social and behavior change have continued to evolve. With Inspire, we look to innovators and thought leaders to explore and discover new ways to encourage behavior change to improve MIYCN.

bunny or duck?

"Framing—the way that we communicate and the values that we speak to when we communicate—whether it's to policymakers, the public, or other healthcare or public health professionals, is fundamental," says Sandro Dem…

Sandro Demaio

Mark Chenery


Skills & Techniques

In human-centered design (HCD), empathy is how you get to the core of what people think about a certain topic. Cal Bruns of Matchboxology discusses the importance of empathy in HCD.

Cal Bruns

Cristin Marona

May 13, 2020

Inspire has grown out of a desire to look for, discuss, and tackle social and behavior change for nutrition in new and different ways.

Kristina Granger

Improving complementary feeding is often a challenge because it is affected by many factors, including the behaviors of busy moms, the food environment, the social norms around feeding, and a network of influencers. Sim…

Joy Miller Del Rosso

May 13, 2020

Meet the SBC thought leaders sharing their insights and ideas in Inspire.

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