Human milk banks celebrated worldwide

every drop makes a difference
Human milk bank stakeholders worldwide contributed to a mosaic to celebrate World Day of Human Milk Donation in May.

People from around the world came together virtually through a video and photo mosaic to celebrate the World Day of Human Milk Donation in May. The event lauded the work of 700 human milk banks operating in 65 countries and thanked mothers for their gift of human milk.

Donor milk allows mothers to get the time and support they need to establish their own milk supply and breastfeed their babies. The COVID-19 pandemic has made increasing awareness of human milk banks more important than ever because it has made recruiting donors more difficult and even raised questions about the safety of donor milk.

The Human Milk Bank Donation UK, Alive & Thrive and the Global Alliance of Milk Banks and Associations (GAMBA), a new virtual collaborative network of 80 human milk bank leaders worldwide, jointly facilitated the World Day of Human Milk Donation campaign. The campaign involved more than 7,000 people whose efforts made #Everydropmakesadifference a trending hashtag on social media.

A&T also joined a call to action of GAMBA members on the use of human milk banks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic published in The Lancet.