Workplace lactation support toolkit approved in Myanmar to create breastfeeding friendly workplaces

Myanmar’s Ministry of Health and Sports and Ministry of Labor, Immigration, and Population approved and endorsed the Alive & Thrive workplace lactation support toolkit and training package in February.

workplace lactation support
Alive & Thrive’s workplace lactation support toolkit includes a variety of materials to help businesses support breastfeeding in the workplace.

Faced with little or no breastfeeding support in their workplaces, women may leave the workforce, choose not to breastfeed their infants, or use unsafe or unsanitary spaces to breastfeed – each option potentially leading to significant negative outcomes. The ministries’ approvals came after pilot testing, training, and monitoring in three worksites (two private businesses and one government office).

All three of the worksites currently have operational lactation support programs including breastfeeding spaces and breaks. A&T is working with UNICEF to finalize a dissemination plan for the materials.

Additionally, A&T is facilitating the development of a team of core trainers for decision and policy makers in collaboration with the Business Coalition for Gender Equality, and for working mothers in collaboration with the Yangon Regional Health Department. Roll out of the tools to additional worksites is planned for the duration of 2020.