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About Us

Alive & Thrive is a global nutrition initiative to save lives, prevent illness, and ensure healthy growth of mothers and children. From 2009–2014, A&T demonstrated that rapid improvements in infant and young child feeding (IYCF) are possible in settings as diverse as Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Viet Nam. In 2014, A&T began working in Burkina Faso, India, Nigeria, and throughout the Southeast Asia region, expanding its scope to include maternal and adolescent nutrition, and using agriculture and social protection programs as delivery mechanisms for maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN). Currently, A&T is leveraging its robust network and knowledge base to strengthen systems and build capacity in these and other countries across Africa and Asia, while also disseminating innovations, tools, and lessons worldwide.

What We Do
What we do

Alive & Thrive is strengthening systems for MIYCN by building capacity in social and behavior change, policy advocacy, MIYCN service delivery, and the strategic use of data. Powered by knowledge and results, A&T aims for the thoughtful and sustainable scale-up of policies and programs that improve MIYCN.

How We Work
How we work

Alive & Thrive systematically applies an evidence-rich framework for delivering nutrition results. Our commitment to delivering high-quality technical assistance creates an enabling environment for innovation and learning, whereby programs and partners are empowered to advance MIYCN policies, practices, and systems.

Where We Work
Where we work

The Alive & Thrive initiative currently includes country-specific programs in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, Madagascar, and Nigeria, and regional programs in Southeast Asia and West Africa. Alive & Thrive partners with governments, United Nations agencies, NGOs, universities, and others to enhance coverage and sustainability of projects and processes.

Who We Are
Who we are

Alive & Thrive's diverse and dynamic staff includes experts in nutrition, public health, social and behavior change, communication, project management and administration specialties. 

The Alive & Thrive initiative, managed by FHI 360, is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Government of Ireland, and other donors.