Mar 04 2024

PPT slide

Alive & Thrive and IFPRI Maternal Nutrition Presentations from Johns Hopkins University Post-graduate Lecture

On January 25, 2024, representatives from Alive & Thrive and the International Food Policy Research Institute presented joint research findings on maternal nutrition and antenatal care interventions at aJohns Hopkins University post-graduate course lecture. 


Feb 01 2024

Digital Technology cover

Alive & Thrive Digital Technology Catalog: An overview of the digital technology innovations Alive & Thrive has developed to help improve nutrition outcomes

This brief summarizes how Alive & Thrive is currently leveraging digital technology to strengthen nutrition programming. It catalogs our existing innovations and directs readers to additional information.

Journal article

Jan 26 2024

First foods in a packaged world: Results from the COMMIT consortium to protect young child diets in Southeast Asia (Blankenship JL, White JM, et al. Maternal & Child Nutrition. 2023)

Forty-four percent of all foods and 72% of snacks commercially marketed for young children in Southeast Asia contained added sugars, a study by the Consortium for Improving Complementary Foods in Southeast Asia (COMMIT) initiative found.

Journal article

Jan 26 2024

Overpromoted and underregulated: National binding legal measures related to commercially produced complementary foods in seven Southeast Asian countries are not fully aligned with available guidance (Blankenship J, et al. Maternal & Child Nutrition. 2023)

The market for commercially produced complementary foods (CPCF) is rapidly expanding in Southeast Asia. This study, co-authored by Alive & Thrive, suggests improved, comprehensive, and enforceable national binding legal measures for CPCF to ensure that countries protect, promote, and support optimal nutrition for older infants and young children.

Case study

Jan 23 2024

Reducing Underweight case study cover depicting two Indian women, one holding a young child.

Reducing Underweight Prevalence Among Children Between 0-23 Months

This case study describes a pilot conducted in the Amethi Health Sub-Centre of the Wazirganj block in Bihar state’s Gaya district. It applies the point of care continuous quality improvement approach for improving growth monitoring and promotion activities to address undernutrition prevalence at the community level with a focus on children 0–23 months.

Case study

Jan 22 2024

Cover of Reducing Anemia Prevalence in Pregnant Women brief

Reducing Prevalence of Anemia in Pregnant Women: Applying Quality Improvement Approach to Improve Community Level Health and Nutrition Services

This case study describes a successful pilot supported by Alive & Thrive India in one of the blocks in Bodh Gaya in Bihar's Gaya district, applying the point of care continuous quality improvement approach for strengthening community-level management of anemia in pregnant women.