Aug 28 2018

Feeding children during illness

This video can be used to raise community awarene


Apr 26 2016

Multisectoral approaches to nutrition in Bihar, India

Multisectoral actions improve nutritional outcomes in several ways. They can address the immediate causes of undernutrition by improving dietary intake, and they can also address underlying causes like improved sanitation, hygiene, and women’s education.


Apr 26 2016

Complementary feeding in Bihar, India

This brief focuses on how optimal complementary feeding practices contribute to saving lives, preventing stunting, and increasing economic growth for the entire state of Bihar.

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Nov 05 2014

Infant and young child feeding quick reference book

Provides information in a question and answer format to equip health workers in Ethiopia to counsel and support families so that they can adopt good feeding practices.


Nov 05 2014

Tool for counseling on seven excellent feeding actions in Ethiopia

Provides frontline workers with a tool for counseling on age-appropriate feeding practices, from birth through the first 24 months.