I’m an App Developer in Vietnam. Here’s how I support breastfeeding.

Jul 26 2022

Ngoc Nguyen at Momby officeFor World Breastfeeding Week 2022, we've asked a variety of people how they support and promote breastfeeding. Ngoc Nguyen, is a software engineer in Viet Nam, and founder of Momby, an app that provides expecting and new parents with essential, affordable, and timely information to keep themselves and their babies safe. Here's how Ngoc supports breastfeeding.

“When I was expecting my first child, I didn’t realize how much I was expected to learn in such a short time and of course it is all very important information – I wanted to understand it all. During one of my ultrasound exams, the image showed an unusual dot – it turned out to be nothing serious, but it made me even more anxious and obsessed with learning as much as possible about being pregnant and becoming a mother. I really needed and wanted support and realized my tech skills were well-suited to address this need.

“I had studied AI and have more than five years of experience in software development and knew that I could use my skills to address this important issue. So, I created Momby -  an app. The name is a combination of “mommy” and “baby.” I created Momby to provide timely, trustworthy and affordable virtual health and nutrition consultations for parents.

“I got support from many volunteer obstetricians and pediatricians to develop the counseling scenarios and Q&A on pregnancy, early essential newborn care, breastfeeding, complementary feedings and other relevant issues. Working with doctors, I understand their daily excessive workload and hope that Momby can accompany them in health counseling.

“I had studied AI and have more than five years of experience in software development and knew that I could use my skills to address this important issue.”

“Momby’s start-up journey has not been easy, I and my team have had to make huge efforts to bring the best quality content, adapting the app's features to meet parents' needs and at the same time ensure financial resources for in-app development. There were times when I was so discouraged, but thinking of healthy moms and babies makes me so motivated.

“Today, Momby has more than 22,000 users who spend an average of 20 minutes a day using the app. And 20 percent of the users are fathers – so they are better able to support their partners in their parenting journey.”

The Momby app is available for download on the App store and Google Play. Alive & Thrive and the FHI Solutions Innovation Incubator are supporting the app’s roll-out in Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and India over the next three years. Read more about the app on Think Global Health.

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