Addressing malnutrition of the furthest behind in Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam

29 May 23
Topic(s): Breastfeeding, Complementary feeding, Maternal Nutrition, Maternity Protection, Newborn Health
Location: East Asia Pacific
Language(s): English
Audience: Policy makers and legislators, Program designers and implementers
Organization: Alive & Thrive
Programs: Policy advocacy
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With support from the Government of Ireland, Alive & Thrive is working to tackle malnutrition and reach global nutrition targets in the Mekong Sub-Region with a priority on the furthest behind in each context. In Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam, small and sick newborns, mothers and children infected with or impacted by COVID-19, families in ethnic minority communities, and those affected by climate change are among the most vulnerable to poor nutrition and adverse health outcomes.

This brief was developed to provide an introduction to the regional context and our evidence-based interventions to create an enabling environment for better nutrition in the three countries.