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Case Report: I feel like a mother to other babies: experiences and perspectives on bereavement and breastmilk donation from Vietnam (Tran HT, Nguyen TT, et al. Frontiers in Global Women's Health. 2023)

13 Nov 23
Topic(s): Breastfeeding, Human milk bank, Research
Location: East Asia Pacific, Viet Nam
Language(s): English
Audience: Health and service providers, Program designers and implementers
Organization: Alive & Thrive
Programs: Strategic use of data
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Journal cover

There is a growing global recognition that post-perinatal death care should potentially provide the opportunity for maternal donation. This article explores the experiences of bereaved mothers in Vietnam who chose to donate breastmilk following perinatal loss at the Da Nang Human Milk Bank. The study reveals that while breastmilk donation is common in Vietnam, it is less so after perinatal loss. In this case, donating breastmilk helped the bereaved woman deal with grief. The findings emphasize the importance of supporting individual decisions without imposing guilt on those who choose not to donate.