Policy Whitepaper: Workplace lactation support programs in Viet Nam

03 Dec 20
Topic(s): Breastfeeding, Maternity Protection
Location: East Asia Pacific
Language(s): English, Vietnamese
Audience: Employers, Policy makers and legislators, Program designers and implementers
Programs: Policy advocacy

Breastfeeding-friendly maternity protection and practices in the workplace must be prioritized to increase breastfeeding rates and improve the health, nutrition, and wellbeing of mothers, children, and society. Viet Nam currently ensures six months of maternity leave entitlement wages and is poised to implement additional maternity protection measures. However, female workers who breastfeed need support in the workplace to maintain breastfeeding when returning to work after maternity leave. These protections include rest time and a safe, private place for breastmilk expression, as well as formalized support from colleagues and businesses. This policy whitepaper provides background, information and recommendations aimed at informing the policy debate on workplace lactation support programs.