Nov 20 2023

Policy Report - Health Insurance Coverage for Pasteurized Donor Human Milk cover

Policy Report - Health Insurance Coverage for Pasteurized Donor Human Milk

Using pasteurized donor human milk to treat preterm, low birthweight, and sick infants has significantly reduced the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis and other serious neonatal illnesses when compared to using formula milk, a new policy report published by Alive & Thrive found.


Jul 28 2023

Maternity Protection Policy Expansion for Female Workers in Informal Sector in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, 50% of children are born to a mother who is not entitled to paid maternity leave, largely because female workers in the informal sector are excluded from these policies. Alive & Thrive has collaborated with SUN CSA Viet Nam to advocate for the expansion of maternity entitlements to the informal sector in Viet Nam.


Apr 30 2016

Advocacy for infant and young child feeding: Strategy updates in selected countries in the ASEAN region and beyond

Strategic and well-coordinated advocacy is essential to improve nutrition at scale. Recent efforts in countries throughout Southeast Asia have generated regional momentum and resulted in stronger nutrition policies and programs.


Feb 08 2016

Formative Research to Support Improved Infant Feeding in Burkina Faso: Findings and Recommendations for Action

This report discusses the findings and recommendations from a study conducted to identify existing practices, barriers, and facilitating factors related to optimal infant and young child feeding in Burkina Faso.


Nov 14 2014

Formative Research on IYCF in Viet Nam

Summarizes methods and findings of a qualitative study in 2009 to identify current feeding practices and barriers to and facilitators of optimal practices, as well as summarizes findings from trials of improved practices conducted in 2010 to test the acceptability and feasibility of recommended f