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Dec 08 2020

Can complex programs be sustained? A mixed methods sustainability evaluation of a national infant and young child feeding program in Bangladesh and Vietnam (Moucheraud, C., 2020. BMC Public Health)

This study evaluates the sustainability of activities introduced during A&T implementation (2009–2014) in Bangladesh and Vietnam, revealing that multiple activities, such as mass media campaigns, policy and advocacy activities, and social mobilization activities were integral to the program’s


Apr 21 2020

burkina nutrition profiles

Burkina Faso Nutrition Profiles for Six Regions

These nutrition profiles present MIYCN data for six regions of Burkina Faso, including data on health and nutrition indicators, causes of undernutrition, nutrition promotion platforms and antenatal and child health care, and global nutrition targets.


Nov 07 2014

Implications of cesarean delivery for breastfeeding outcomes and strategies to support breastfeeding (Insight Series)

Addresses the breastfeeding support needs of healthy, full-term babies born via cesarean delivery to healthy mothers.

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Jan 14 2014

Anaemia in infancy in rural Bangladesh: contribution of iron deficiency, infections and poor feeding practices (Rawat, R., 2013. British Journal of Nutrition)

Few data exist on the aetiology of anaemia and Fe deficiency (ID) during early infancy in South Asia. This study aimed to determine the contribution of ID, infections, and feeding practices to anaemia in Bangladeshi infants aged 6-11 months.

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May 03 2013

Maternal mental health is associated with child undernutrition and child illness in Bangladesh, Viet Nam and Ethiopia (Nguyen PH., 2013. Public Health Nutrition)

The 2013 Lancet series on maternal and child undernutrition highlighted maternal depression as a significant risk factor for poor child growth and recommended interventions to address the problem through maternal and child health and nutrition programs.