The new Cost of Not Breastfeeding tool

breastfeeding motherGlobally, nearly 500,000 children and nearly 100,000 women die each year due to inadequate breastfeeding. These preventable deaths, combined with cognitive losses, and health system costs of inadequate breastfeeding leads to over US$570 billion in economic losses annually. The data calls for immediate scaling up of financing and implementation of policies, programs, and interventions to meet the World Health Assembly’s breastfeeding target by 2025.

global brief coverNutrition International and Alive & Thrive are pleased to announce a comprehensive update to the Cost of Not Breastfeeding Tool, with data for virtually every country around the world, a new easy-to-use dashboard and a feature that explores what would happen if a country’s breastfeeding rates increased. Click on the widgets below to see the new tool.

Read the press release.

Read more about the updated tool in this blog by Dylan Walters of Nutrition International and Sandra Remancus of Alive & Thrive here.

Read the Global Cost of Not Breastfeeding brief.

Our advocacy briefs are now being updated with the new data and will be available shortly. We are phasing out our previous version of the tool, but you can find it archived here.