Feb 11 2021

More than 2,000 health workers around the world have enrolled in Alive & Thrive’s e-learning course, “Investing in Child Nutrition,” with enrollments of five or more from people in more than 100 countries. The overwhelming majority of those enrolling came from low- and middle-income countries. Compared to 2019 when it was launched, overall enrollments increased by 53% in 2020, from 998 to 1,531 in English; French enrollment reached 211.
India case studies

Feb 11 2021

Experiences in nine medical colleges in India have shed light on how the institutions can play a critical role in strengthening maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN).

Feb 08 2021

Alive & Thrive supports MIYCN research around the world and is committed to the principles of Open Data.

Dec 22 2020

More than 200 stakeholders from across West Africa learned how the Stronger With Breastmilk Only initiative is supporting health officials to increase rates of exclusive breastfeeding during webinars in French and English in early December.

Dec 16 2020

Addressing the problem of exclusive breastfeeding in West and Central Africa called for a new approach – “business as usual” would not suffice, UNICEF West and Central Africa Nutrition Advisor Simeon Nanama told participants at the 11th Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day globa

Nov 02 2020

Popular music animates life everywhere and West Africa is no exception. Artists tell all types of stories in their songs and tackle all sorts of issues. The “Stronger with breastmilk only” campaign recently got a boost when Safiath, a popular artist in Niger, produced a song to support its awareness raising efforts, joining other artists..

Nov 02 2020

At a recent virtual meeting of stakeholders in Southeast Asia discussing a new agenda for maternal, infant and young child nutrition, the moderator came prepared: She segued between topics with quotes about change. “We’ve been challenged to do things differently and this workshop is no different,” said Jane Badham, the moderator and a nutritionist who…

Nov 02 2020

More than 500 stakeholders participated in the first-ever regional human milk bank webinar with A&T support. The Regional Human Milk Bank (HMB) Network for Southeast Asia and Beyond hosted the webinar “Human Milk Banking during the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which drew participants from around the world.

Nov 02 2020

For Alive & Thrive’s portfolio of implementation research activities, the pandemic has required adjustments. But it has also allowed researchers to adapt studies to investigate the impacts of the disease.



Nov 01 2020

A series of articles published in Le Monde Afrique highlights the importance of exclusive breastfeeding across West Africa and discusses the obstacles to achieving the target of 50% exclusive breastfeeding by 2025.